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Service Connected Voices
Write for us!

THE SERVICE CONNECT is actively looking for talented writers and subject matter experts who are passionate about topics related to the “Connected Community.”  We are interested in finding thought leaders to create dynamic content. As a contributor, you will inspire men, women and families to lead their happiest, healthiest, most purposeful and informed lives on a platform that robustly promotes their interests.

SERVICE CONNECTED VOICES allows you to share your passions and ideas with millions of our readers. It’s simple — we provide you with all the tools you need to get your story published and connected with the community.

Types of Writers:

Contributing Writers: We invite you to pitch stories that resonate with YOU! However, we are always looking for stories and narratives that relate to rending news (social, political & cultural), military experiences, marksmanship, active living, business, family/lifestyle, health & wellness, benefits, education, finance, entertainment and all things Service Connected related!

Feature a Service Member/Veteran (military, police, emergency response, fire, etc.): Did you know about our Spotlight on Service? We are also looking for nominations of those who served so that we may honor them on this platform. If you know a veteran or uniformed service member who deserves to be recognized, we would love to hear from you! We suggest providing the following:

  • Name, branch, occupation, and years of service (Michael “Mike” Stansmith, US Army, 9944 Transportation Logistics, 2001 to 2015)
  • Tours, deployments, and campaigns (OIF, OEF, Vietnam, Gulf War, etc.)
  • Notable awards (Purple heart, Bronze star, NAM, Army Achievement, etc.)
  • Current geographic location (so we can localize the story and promote to the community)
  • Bonus info includes what the nominated person is currently doing, significant moment(s) / achieves during their time in service, as well as any other unique information

*Please note, all submissions will be reviewed/edited as needed, prior to consideration for publishing.

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